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Prof. Dr. Ana Adi ist Professorin für Public Relations und Corporate Communications an der Quadriga Hochschule Berlin.

Als wahrer Kosmopolit, kann Prof. Adi, ein breites Portfolio an Erfahrungen auf internationaler Ebene vorweisen. So lebte, arbeitete und unterrichtete sie unter anderem in den USA, Großbritannien, Belgien, Bahrain, Thailand und Rumänien. Prof. Dr. Adi absolvierte im Zuge ihrer akademischen Laufbahn einen BA Hons in Communication & Public Relations an der SNSPA in Rumänien und kann zwei Masterabschlüsse, unter anderem als Fulbright Stipendiatin an der University of Missouri vorweisen. Mit ihrer Untersuchung über die mediale Darstellungsweise und Berichterstattung der Olympischen Spiele erwarb sie an der University of West Scotland ihren Doktortitel im Bereich Communication & Media-Studies.

Prof. Dr. Adi ist feste Befürworterin einer Internationalisierung des Bildungsbereichs und engagiert sich als Mitglied des Social Media Global Education Connection Projects aktiv für die kompetente Nutzung von sozialen Medien in Forschung und Lehre.


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The following themes will give you an overview into my research focus and interests. I tend to work with hybrid methods that mix social media data with automated computer analysis tools and/or traditional methods.


Although these could help inform your choice of MA thesis topic, I am generally happy to supervise any work related to social sciences and communication and that includes any methodology – whether qualitative, quantitative or mixed – and any methods – interviews, focus groups, ethnographies, participant observation, questionnaires, experiments, usability tests. I do believe however that the methodology and methods chosen for a study should derive from the research questions asked and not the other way around.



Public Relations

My research into public relations deals with uses and impact of social media on the practice and the practitioner. It also challenges and questions the concept of public relations as solely a corporate practice and asks whether new fields such as protest PR and activist PR should be further investigated. Additionally, my research looks into cultural and critical approaches to CSR with a particular focus on digital and social media communications.


Political science/ Political communication

My research into political science and communication also looks at digital media and the ways in which the Internet and social media are used as an engagement platform or as an area for activism. Research projects could look at how politicians and parties communicate online, how the public responds and talk about politicians and campaigns or how the civic society groups organize themselves online in interest and protest groups surrounding particular public figures, political issues or events.

Digital footprints/ Digital storytelling

This theme explores the uses of digital media for PR/marketing communications/ CSR/ crisis communication/ internal communication etc. Research in this area can consider: the data archival and retrieval processes associated with (corporate) communication and how organizations prepare and relate to them, the digital footprints (what can be found online and where) of a company and how they are reflective of business practice or corporate values (and their evolution), whether the organizations are aware of the information they have posted online (dormant social media accounts, forgotten blogs etc,) and how these reflect organizational culture, social media strategy, communication/reputation management responses; digital storytelling or how the platforms influence the way in which companies and organizations speak about themselves.


From PR wars, sustainability to governance, this research topic enables the exploration of corporate social responsibility efforts from either a communication perspective or from theoretical perspectives such as triple-bottom-line, stakeholder management, corporate citizenship or creating shared value.  Research could also question the definition, roles and measurement of sustainability, explore company historical sustainability discourses or examine the roles and perception of CSR practice within various industries and institutions and how these influence CSR communication, CSR reporting and governance.


Other topics

Communication and the history of an organization; gender studies and public relations; crisis communication (during and after the crisis; international comparisons; issues management); health communication



Research themes and topic examples:

Public Relations
  • Social media for public relations
  • Perceptions of social media as a tool/medium for public relations by various groups (managers, communicators, politicians, spokespeople, activists)
  • Communications practices and tasks in the social media age
  • Historical uses of public relations (from web 1.0 to social media)
  • Perceptions of PR in various business areas (production, media, accounting, finance)
  • Applications of PR in various business areas
  • Activist PR/ protest PR/ corporate PR (similarities and differences between these practices)
  • Corporate dialogue and discourse online
  • Addressing multicultural publics in PR campaigns


Political  science/ Political communication
  • Online PR and political communication
  • PR and online political campaigning
  • Public reactions to political communication through social media
  • Politicians and their online public networks (social networking applications) 
  • Politicians – public-media networks and dialogue online
  • Emerging public spheres – issue based communities and their online communication
  • Dialogue and discourses online


Digital footprints/digital storytelling
  • The role and applications of storytelling in building and maintaining reputations online
  • Influencers and storytellers: perceptions of storytelling by communicators and their online uses for PR
  • Storytelling as corporate historiography
  • Analysis of outreach campaigns undertaken by various companies/organizations
  • Social media audits – gaining an insight into the understanding and implementations of corporate/PR strategy on social media
  • Changing images: how companies shape their online presence (stories from corporate managers vs the story their online footprints)  


CSR and corporate citizenship
  • CSR, ethics and big data – how corporations use digital media to uncover, understand and engage their stakeholders
  • CSR reporting practices
  • Communicating CSR/sustainability online
  • Evolution of sustainability
  • CSR and company apologies
  • Evaluation of CSR campaigns
  • The role and perception of CSR in various areas and industries
  • CSR in international contexts





  • M.A. Communication & Leadership
  • MBA Communication & Leadership
  • MBA Public Affairs & Leadership
  • International MBA Communication & Leadership





Journal articles


Book chapters
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