Dominik Lamminger

Member of the Executive Board, division development banks, finance & association management
Bundesverband Öffentlicher Banken Deutschlands

Dominik Lamminger is a member of the Executive Board of the Federal Association of Public-Sector Banks (VÖB) and heads the Promotional Banks, Financing and Association Control division. In his role, he is responsible in particular for supporting development banks and financing corporate customers, SMEs and the public sector. In addition, he is responsible for communication, strategy and committee support of the central association of public banks. Before joining VÖB in 2009, the trained banker and native Wolfratshauser was BayernLB press spokesman in Munich.

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Dominik Lamminger, born 16.11.1981 in Bavaria

Since 2017 Member of the Management Board, VÖB
2015 – 2017 Head of Communications Division, VÖB
2009 – 2015 Press Spokesman, VÖB
2008 – 2009 Press Officer, BayernLB

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Dominik  Lamminger