Dr. Andrea Huber

Managing director
ANGA Verband Deutscher Kabelnetzbetreiber e.V.

Dr. Andrea Huber is Managing Director of ANGA Verband Deutscher Kabelnetzbetreiber e.V., the association representing the interests of the German broadband cable industry. In this position she supports the spread of broadband in Germany and brings the further development of the information society more into the political debate.

Since 2010, she has been Managing Director of ANGA Verband Deutscher Kabelnetzbetreiber e.V. (Association of German Cable Operators) with responsibility in particular for political communication and regulation as well as PR. In close cooperation with the Executive Board, member companies and the European umbrella organisation Cable Europe, the focus of her activities is on positioning the association on core regulatory issues as well as on developing and implementing strategic communications management vis-à-vis politicians and the public.

The lawyer, who holds a doctorate in law, was previously the managing director of Informationsforum RFID e.V., a joint dialogue and information sound platform of companies from the retail, consumer goods, automotive, IT and services sectors, and as Government Affairs Director of Microsoft Deutschland GmbH, responsible for the political representation of the software company’s interests.

Dr.  Andrea  Huber