Norman Weiß

ME Industries

Norman Weiß leads German SMEs to new business models and in emerging markets.

He founded the ME Industries Group in 2010. Some of the companies are over 30 years old.
and active worldwide in electronics, gas analysis, education or robotics.

He is regarded as an authentic entrepreneur with companies in Germany, Hong Kong and the USA. Norman founded the MittelstandsCampus in 2016. Within the MC, he is the specialist for the internationalisation of products and services as well as training in the fields of robotics and data science.

He loves Norman’s commitment to the foundation “Technik macht Spaß” (“Technology is fun”), in order to introduce children (not only his) to technology and technology in a playful and sustainable way.

As a keynote speaker, SDG Advocate and board member of the European Technology Chamber (EUTEC), he is driving digital change in Germany.

Norman is Master of Technical Management and winner of the Top 100 Innovation Award.

Norman Weiß