Prof. Dr. Mario Voigt

Professor for digital transformation and politics
Quadriga Hochschule Berlin

Mario Voigt has worked for the Political Representation of Siemens in Brussels, the Political Planning Department of the CDU in Berlin and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Washington and was head of corporate communications and investor relations for the technology group Analytik Jena AG. As a strategy consultant for the lead agency McCann-Erickson, Voigt took part in Angela Merkel’s Bundestag election campaign in 2005. Since then he has been involved in public affairs campaigns from the local to the international level in the areas of mobilization and digital campaigning. Voigt advises companies and political parties in concrete digitisation projects on topics such as e-health or citizen participation.

In the 2017 Bundestag election campaign he worked as a strategy consultant for mobilisation for the CDU. At the beginning of March 2019 Voigt was appointed Digital Campaign Manager in the Europe-wide campaign team of Manfred Weber (CSU) and the European People’s Party. He was responsible for the Europe-wide digital election campaign of the EPP and the top candidate in all 27 EU states.

His research focuses on the innovation cycles of digital campaigning and the combination of grassroots campaigns with digital applications and big data. Voigt has published four books on political campaigns and communications and has spoken on digital campaigning, mobilization and public affairs in over 40 countries.

Since 2009, Voigt has been a member of the Thüringen state parliament and since 2020 he has been responsible for the CDU parliamentary group. He is also spokesman for business, science and the digital society.

Prof. Dr. Mario Voigt


Prof Dr Mario Voigt teaches and researches as Professor for Digital Transformation and Politics at Quadriga University Berlin. After studying political science, modern history and public law at the Universities of Jena, Bonn and Charlottesville (USA), Voigt earned his doctorate in American election campaigning and campaigning at the University of Chemnitz after several months of election observation in the USA. As a lecturer he taught communication, public affairs and campaigning at the University of Jena.


Prof. Dr. Mario Voigt’s research focused on the challenges of digital transformation:

  • Principal, national and international trends in digital campaigning and digital public affairs
  • The social and political impact of digitisation
  • The efficacy of policy instruments for digitisation and industry 4.0
  • The role of big data and social media in public affairs and political campaigns


Selected monographs and editorships:

  • Römmele, Andrea, R. Güldenzopf und M. Voigt (forthcoming) Der Wahlkampf in den USA, Berlin. (Sonderausgabe der Zeitschrift für Politikberatung)
  • Güldenzopf, Ralf, und M. Voigt (forthcoming) Mobilisierung im amerikanischen Wahlkampf. Studie zu Marketinginstrumenten und Digitalisierung in der Politischen Kommunikation, Berlin.
  • Voigt, Mario; (2010) Der amerikanische Präsidentschaftswahlkampf: George W. Bush gegen John F. Kerry, Berlin.
  • Melchert, Florian, F. Magerl und M. Voigt; (2006) In der Mitte der Kampagne. Grassroots und Mobilisierung im Bundestagswahlkampf 2005, Berlin.
  • Busch-Janser, Florian, S. Gerding, und M. Voigt; (2005) Politikberatung als Beruf, Berlin und München.

Selected articles and essays:

  • Voigt, Mario; (2016) In welchem Deutschland wollen wir leben? In: Civis mit Sonde 3 (2016), S. 88-93.
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  • MBA Public Affairs & Leadership
  • Compact Course Policy Management & Public Affairs